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Ecological and Evolutionary Networks

Ecological and Evolutionary Networks

We are interested in studying interactions in ecological and evolutionary systems. This includes plant-pollinator networks, food-webs and ecosystem stability, effects of interspecific competition on evolution, evolution of foraging strategies and animal social interaction networks. We collaborate extensively and take an inter-disciplinary approach to answering fundamental questions in ecology and evolution.

Principal Investigators

photo of yvonne buckley Prof Yvonne Buckley
Chair of Zoology
Ecology, Applied Ecology
photo of natalie cooper Dr Natalie Cooper
Assistant Professor
Comparative Phylogenetics
photo of ian donohue Dr Ian Donohue
Assistant Professor
Ecosystem Stability and Functioning
photo of andrew jackson Dr Andrew Jackson
Assistant Professor
Theoretical Evolutionary Ecology
photo of nicola marples Dr Nicola Marples
Associate Professor
Behavioural Ecology and Evolution
photo of Jane Stout Dr Jane Stout
Associate Professor
Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

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