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Course Modules

Course Handbook 2015/2016

Course Modules

The Dublin MDP it combines a range of teaching and learning approaches both in the seminar room and in the field. Students engage in a minimum of eighteen class-room based modules and four work-based placements to gain hands-on practical experience during the programme.
Specialist skills are formed across a range of areas including research design and methods, development economics, global health, gender, climate change and climate justice, governance and politics and language training. Students engage with leading experts, practitioners, and academics both in the classroom and in the field.
Students also produce a dissertation drawing upon research conducted during fieldwork modules. These have attracted attention from policy-makers, such as the Minister of Education in Rwanda.

Year 1 Modules:

  • Tropical Agriculture (Natural Sciences Pillar)
  • Climate Justice, Human rights, & Development (Social Sciences)
  • Economic Policy & Analysis I (Social Sciences)
  • Economic Policy & Analysis II (Social Sciences)
  • Irish NGO Placement (Management)
  • Fieldwork 1 (Management)
  • Global Health (Health Sciences)
  • Global Classroom (Cross-Disciplinary)
  • NGOs: Law, Governance & Social Change (Cross-Disciplinary)
  • Introduction to Statistics (Cross-Disciplinary)
  • Globalization & African Development (Social Sciences)

Year 2 Modules:

  • Climate Change & Development (Natural Sciences Pillar)
  • Science, Technology & Development (Natural Sciences Pillar)
  • Economics of Sustainable Development (Social Sciences)
  • Governance, Politics & Development (Social Sciences)
  • Post-Conflict Situations (Social Sciences)
  • Gender & Development (Social Sciences)
  • Impact Measurement in Development Aid (Cross-Disciplinary)
  • Fieldwork 2 (Management)
  • MDP Dissertation

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