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Flora of the Burren and Southeast Connemara interactive CD-ROM official launch

January 2010

The Flora of the Burren and Southeast Connemara interactive CD-ROM (CD Cover) was launched on Thursday 7th January at a workshop held by Biochange and sponsored by the EPA, at Trinity College Dublin. Biochange is an integrative, multi-disciplinary research framework to support national and local biodiversity policy in Ireland. The aims of Biochange include carrying out fundamental biodiversity research and capacity building in taxonomic skills, as well as the development of biodiversity indicators and biomonitoring tools (

The Flora of the Burren and Southeast Connemara is part of the Biochange project. It provides photographs and detailed information on plants of the Burren, the Aran Islands and to the east of Connemara; allowing their easy identification. This user-friendly authoritative CD-ROM is the first of its type for Ireland, and one of few available worldwide, and is a valuable addition to the digital library of anybody interested in plants, whether amateur or professional, teacher or student, rambler or gardener.

Biochange project has succeeded in bringing together groups of researchers from normally disparate areas to develop a coherent research framework. The project has seen the development of policies and planning for the future at both national and local levels.

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